Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oo for Octopus

This week we learned all about the Octopus! 

I started this unit by introducing the kids to a KWL chart.  

We talked about everything we thought we already Knew about octopuses. Then we discussed what we Wanted to know, then the fun part...teaching it! (oh wait that's for me!) Learning!

We learned so many fun facts about the octopus.  The kids listened so well to books (fact and fiction) and were able to come up with such a long list of "L"'s for our KWL chart!

Octopus facts we learned this week:

- Octopuses are boneless creatures

- Octopuses can live 6 months to a couple of years

- Octopuses are bottom dwellers of the sea.  However, as they hatch from the eggs, the young ones swim to the surface. After floating on the surface with the planktons for about a month, they swim back to the sea bed.

- The color of octopus blood is blue.

- Octopuses vary in size depending upon the species. While those found in tropical waters are small, octopuses of the colder seas are larger in size.

 - Females are smaller than the males.

- Octopuses can change their color an an instant, blending so well with their backgrounds they become nearly invisible!

- Octopuses have three hearts. Two hearts pump blood through the gills whereas the third one pumps blood through rest of the body.

- Octopuses have sensory receptors at the bottom of their suckers that enable them to "taste" whatever they touch. 

- Octopuses are known to eject a cloud of black ink when attacked by a predator. Sometimes they may also shed an arm to escape a predator. The lost arm regrows in some time.


  Octopuses, Octopi, or Octopodes?

Guess what I learned this week?!  Octopuses is actually the correct English way to say the plural of Octopus!   :-)


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