Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Artist in Me: Pablo Picasso

What a wonderful 2 weeks we had in TK studying Pablo Picasso and his many periods of very different types of art.  If you were not able to make it to our Art Show this week, I hope you will enjoy looking through this weeks blog posts.  The art work will come home later next week, as the kiddos want to keep it up in our classroom for the rest of the week.

These two books were the main books we read through over the past 2 weeks.  The Draw with Pablo Picasso book would make a great addition to your collection of books at home!  :)

Picasso Snowmen

What a fun center this was!
We learned that in Picasso's cubism period he liked to draw and paint things very different.  Sometimes an eye was where the nose was supposed to be and an ear was where the chin was supposed to be!  We made these snowmen to represent this fun abstract period of art in Picasso's life.

Picasso Chalk Drawings

Looking through a step-by-step learn to draw Picasso book, we drew Picasso's "Flowers" using wet chalk.   

The Rose Period

We practiced our q's and u's in this weeks Picasso study of the Rose Period.  We learned that q and u are always together.  They are best friends and q is always lonely without u!  Picasso's Rose period started when he met and fell in love with a girl. He was happy again.  Just like q and u are happy when they are together! 

 Using "spray paint" we picked which colors Picasso would have used during his Rose Period to finish our Picasso q and u so happy together painting.

Picasso's self portrait, 1907

We learned about blending colors to create this Picasso self portrait.  We also learned about shades of colors.  As you see in the photos below, Picasso's shirt is a shade of green.  We looked through all of our crayons and picked the shades we thought Picasso used to create his self portrait.  The kids did so good with this project!  Very patient and excited to see their end results!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Continuing our Picasso Study...

I have decided to continue our Picasso theme into next week as well.  We had to stop some of our projects mid way because we just ran out of time.  I am so excited to continue this very fun study with the kiddos!  We will also be reviewing the letter Qq...and of course his good friend U.

Picasso- Cubism

The first abstract style of modern art.

Cubism was one of the most influential art styles of the early twentieth century.  It was created by Pablo Picasso.  

 Using colored pencils the kids colored in each block, one at a time... being very carful artists.  :)

Picasso's Blue Period Pp

What a fun week we had studying the very famous artist Pablo Picasso!  We learned so many things about him.  We read books, took picture walks through books and transformed ourselves into little Picassos!  

Pablo Picasso is famous for the many styles of art he created.  Ask your child about Picasso's Blue Period.  Why did he use only Blues?