Sunday, January 20, 2013

Me On The MAP!

This week we are learning all about maps!   Our studies and projects are based on the book
Me On the Map by Joan Sweeney.  This is an excellent book for young kids to understand what maps are. 

What do we already know about maps?  

1. They have roads on them.
2. We look at them so we know where to go.
3. You won't get lost if you have a map.

Three very good responses!  I admit, I was very happy (and surprised) that not one kiddo said, "what's a map?  Isn't that what we have a GPS for?!!"

We learned that we can have maps of so many more things!  It's not just roads! 

In the book, we followed the life a little girl who lives in Kansas.  She first shows us a map of her bedroom!  WHAT?!  A map of her bedroom?!  Yep!  And a map of her house, a map of her street, a map of her state and a map of the world!  

Maps are for many things and certainly not just to show us where roads are!  
We learned that we could make a map of different places we know.  Our homes, our school, our bedroom, even our classroom! 

So...we did. 


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