Sunday, January 13, 2013

Less Than

A very tricky concept this week...Less than.  We've been working on less than and more than each day in our Math circle.  

We look at our number line and know how to see which number is more or less.  We know if Ms.Kristy gives us 2 numbers, 19 and 40, 19 is less because on our number line it is closer to 0.  Of course we are also using manipulatives to see, count, and touch.  

Using our number line, we played a game of One Less.  The kids pulled a snowflake numbered 1-20.  They had to recognize and say the number the pulled, write that number down, and then write the number that is one less.  This concept is very tricky for the kiddos, but they did great.  They are learning to use a number line and doing great with number recognition!


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