Sunday, January 27, 2013

Short week!

Between having off Monday and Tuesday and then our crazy winter day on Friday, we ended up with a very short week!  Next week, the letter Oo, a fun Octopus study, AND our big 100th day!!   I will sneak in a review of the letter Nn as well.

Looking forward to warmer temps this week!  Only In NC can it be 20 degrees one week, and 70 degrees 5 days later! 

Our Nn Nets

To help us practice our letter Nn formation, we made Nn Nets!  Inside our nets we wrote capital and lowercase N's!
We finished by writing "My Net" on our handle.

Nn Number stamping!

 Practicing our numbers this week in a math center.  The kids LOVE using stamps.  Anytime I can incorporate stamps into a learning project, I'm happy...and so are they!  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mosaic Mm's

A project that the kids love to do that is also really great for their fine motor skills....and patience!! :)

Me On The MAP!

This week we are learning all about maps!   Our studies and projects are based on the book
Me On the Map by Joan Sweeney.  This is an excellent book for young kids to understand what maps are. 

What do we already know about maps?  

1. They have roads on them.
2. We look at them so we know where to go.
3. You won't get lost if you have a map.

Three very good responses!  I admit, I was very happy (and surprised) that not one kiddo said, "what's a map?  Isn't that what we have a GPS for?!!"

We learned that we can have maps of so many more things!  It's not just roads! 

In the book, we followed the life a little girl who lives in Kansas.  She first shows us a map of her bedroom!  WHAT?!  A map of her bedroom?!  Yep!  And a map of her house, a map of her street, a map of her state and a map of the world!  

Maps are for many things and certainly not just to show us where roads are!  
We learned that we could make a map of different places we know.  Our homes, our school, our bedroom, even our classroom! 

So...we did. 

This is MY world!

Using our super strong fine motor skills we did a lot of writing this week!  We copied from a white board the words World, Country, USA, State, North Carolina, and At School!  It sure was hard work!  

The kids handwriting is getting so impressive!!  :-)

Me on MY Map

We worked very hard on creating our maps of our bedrooms.  I told the kids to pretend the white sheet of paper was their bedroom.  The outer edges are our bedroom walls.  Which wall is your bed on?  Windows?  Dresser?  We then began creating our map!  We couldn't forget to draw ourselves on the map too!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ladybug L

In this multi-step center we used our fine motor skills, math concepts, number formation, and writing skills all in one! 

We cut out the letter L, wings, and a head for our ladybug.  We then drew black dots on our ladybug. We glued our pieces to the letter L making a ladybug. odd ladybug, but still...a ladybug!  

The next step was during our writing center when we wrote our word of the week, "like" and a previous word of the week "my" to create our first sentence.  We then counted and wrote the number of dots our ladybug had.  

Learning Our Last Name

It's that time of year....every January I introduce the children to their last names.  We play games, sing silly songs, and for a good week or two Ms.Kristy ONLY calls us by Mr. or Ms. and our last names.  

 Monday, the kids were less than thrilled with this!  They also have to write their last name on all their work...phew!  However, all the little frustrated looks I got over the week slowly turned into smiles.  Proud smiles.  Just after 5 days, the kids are well on their way to spelling and writing their last names.  

Less Than

A very tricky concept this week...Less than.  We've been working on less than and more than each day in our Math circle.  

We look at our number line and know how to see which number is more or less.  We know if Ms.Kristy gives us 2 numbers, 19 and 40, 19 is less because on our number line it is closer to 0.  Of course we are also using manipulatives to see, count, and touch.  

Using our number line, we played a game of One Less.  The kids pulled a snowflake numbered 1-20.  They had to recognize and say the number the pulled, write that number down, and then write the number that is one less.  This concept is very tricky for the kiddos, but they did great.  They are learning to use a number line and doing great with number recognition!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome Back!

We had a fabulous week back!  I sure did miss your kiddos.  We spent time talking as a class about our fun activities over the winter break.  We welcomed our new friend Mackenzie to our class and played a game of "making connections" as friends.  

I introduced the kids to our next big lesson...last names!  We will begin with recognizing our last name followed by writing it daily.    

Next week, Letter Ll and the word Like!

Snowman Math

 In this multi-step math center, we rolled our dice and counted how many dots we rolled.  I had a bunch of snowmen scattered on the table, each with a different number of buttons on his belly.  We had to find the correct snowman that matched our number rolled. 

 We then cut it out, glued it to our paper, wrote the number on the snowman's scarf, and decorated our paper!  Phew!  

Hard workers!