Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Winter Break!

                        I guess we have to scratch off # 14!  Boo!

Santa is stuck!

Hopefully Santa did not get stuck in your chimney a few nights ago....but if he did, I know what your kiddos would have done!!

This was such a fun multi-step center!  We started with writing- completing the sentence: 
If Santa was stuck in my chimney I would.....

Wow, the kids sure have taken the next steps in writing.  Sounding out their words, using finger spaces, and most importantly taking their time...making sure letter formation is correct and the words they write  are phonetically correct.  We will definitely be taking it up a notch in January now that the kiddos are ready! :-)

 After writing we had to finish up with the details!  Coloring in the bricks, cutting strips for Santa's legs,  gluing cotton on our chimney and making sure Santa's boots fit him just right!

Candy Cane Measurment

Using Candy Canes as our unit of non-standard measurement we measured our books, pencils, feet, and even our friends!  

Fun Math center on Pajama Day!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ii is for Ice Cream!

This week in our letter center, we cut out cones and ice cream scoops!  We worked our fine motor skills by using my hole punch for sprinkles...boy that was fun!!  :-)

We practiced writing our Ii's on our cone.  We decided this is definitely the easiest letter so far!!


This week we worked a lot on blending.  We took 2 of our sight words, is and it and pulled them apart, then pushed them back together, saying each sound until they get closer and closer to finally form the word.    Your child sat with me and we worked on this one-on-one.  I sent these little puzzels home for the kids to keep and work on at home with you!  

Ii ink insects!

 Amazing.  That's what these kiddos are.  Amazing!

 I took a small, fun project that I really wasn't 100% sure how the kids would do with, and what do I get?  Perfection!  In every way.  The kids were SO focused, and thoroughly enjoyed this fun little center!!

10 Antlers up on Top!

 Rudolf with your nose so bright....

My 10 fingers represents Rudolf's antlers!

We cut out our Rudolf head and hands.  Glued them on, decorated, and then wrote our numbers 1-10 across the antlers.  What a fun way to practice our numbers!

If our numbers were backwards or incorrect, we had to go back with Ms.Kristy and try again.  We are learning that its OK to make mistakes and number formation is just really hard!  Practice makes perfect!  We are getting there...the kiddos are so patient and all have a true love of learning.

Our Names in Lights

Since we are having our first (hopefully annual) Holiday art show in less than a week, I'll just give you a taste of some of our art work...not to ruin the show!  :-)

We wrote our names in lights to help decorate our TK door!