Thursday, November 8, 2012

iPad, iTeach.

 It's true, I got a new toy I have been wanting for a VERY long time!  Now most people want an iPad for many reasons, rarely the reason is for a bunch of 5 year olds to use it!  I have been gathering teaching apps for quite some time now.  Teaching apps that other Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers are raving about.

 I really wanted to help my kiddos (your kiddos!) learn with a new fun tool.  We are NOT playing random games.  We are NOT goofing around with the a matter of fact we have VERY strict rules in TK about Ms.Kristy's iPad!  First of all, it is a one-on-one center with me.  I am always there with the child using it.  This is how an iPad can be so effective in teaching kids.  Having me there, one-on-one with them is the key.  I am not letting them play alone.  I am working with them, sounding out letters with them, directing them, giving them clues... clues they will use on their own as they look through a book on the rug, or count and add teddy bears in a math center.   This is a teaching tool.  The kids know that.  They have been AWESOME with this. They are very excited to have "iPad center" and are extremely respectful of it and the rules of using it...including, MUST wash your hands before touching the screen!   :)

Here are a few photos of the kids learning....

Here are just a few photos of the kids learning....


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