Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Hope you had a fabulous day sweetie!  :)


Number and Letter Review Week

I took a break from our letter of the week to go back and review.  We reviewed Numbers, number concepts and formation along with letters- sounds and formations.

We played number and letter games and used multiple classroom manipulatives to help us learn.  It's so important to help the kids master these kindergarten readiness skills!  The letter and number of the week lessons are wonderful, but review is just as important! :)

Numbers in Links

In this number review center they kids had to count, create, and place the correct amount of links on the number card.  This adds a tactile dimension that makes learning stick!

Stampin' Numbers

We reviewed number recognition and formation by finding the correct number stamp,  stamping it and then writing the number! 

Tally Marks

We have learned about tally marks earlier this year in TK, however when doing our "election day" last week, I realized some of the kiddos forgot what a tally is, and how to make tally marks. 

 So, I decided to create a center where the kids used popsicle sticks as their manipulative to make their own tally marks.  Adding the sensory of touch makes this lesson more concrete in their minds.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showing Our American Pride

This week to go along with our big class vote, we made American flags with with our hand prints!

Yes, kids hands can be very ticklish :)

Election Day!

We learned about what an election in America is.  We talked about some basic, but imprtant concerns and issues that are important to Americans.  

We learned that you must be 18 years old to vote in our country.  In the year 2025 your kiddos wil be able to vote!  We filled out our voter card by writing our name, filling in the year we will be able to vote and "signing" our very important and official voter card :) 

I asked each kiddo what issues are important to them.  

Answers ranged from keeping America clean to the new Cars movie being released!

  Too cute!!  Love them to pieces :)

Election Day- Part 2

 Election Day in TK! 

Who will win?!  Mr. Popcorn or Mr.Sun Chips?

We had so much fun voting on which special snack Ms.Kristy was going to bring to school for us on Wednesday!  

We each placed our secret vote and then the votes were announced!  We had great writing practice by filling out our election results page.  We also showed how many votes each "candidate" got by making tally marks.

After placing our vote we colored our "I Voted" stickers to show our pride :)

And of course....the yummy results.

Gg Goldfish Grab!

In a math center this week we grabbed a handful of goldfish crackers from our grab bag.  We then counted and recorded how many goldfish we grabbed.  After three grabs, we recorded which grab was greater.  This was a fun center the kids really enjoyed!  Their only disappointment was Ms.Kristy did not allow for any snacking at the end of the center.  Just too many germs going around these past few weeks, especially this week.  

My explanation actually turned into a impromptu lesson on Germs!