Sunday, October 7, 2012

How a Pumpkin Grows!

This week we started our pumpkin theme study!  
We learned how pumpkins grow.  We talked about the different stages and learned that for most of it's life on the vine, the pumpkin is actually green, not orange!!  

In a center this week, we cut out each box and glued the steps in order on our paper.  

We will be doing a lot of different types of sequencing lessons this year in TK.  

"Kids easily learn that one thing follows another. Their routines at home provide great examples, and are a good introduction to the concept of sequencing. For example, first we eat dinner, then we take a bath, after that we read stories, and finally we turn out the light.
Helping children sequence also develops their scientific inquiry skills. In order to study or observe changes in something, students must follow along and record changes." -


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