Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dd writing

In a writing center this week we finished the sentence....  The Dinosaur is happy because______________.

We learned about finger spacing when writing this week.   I took each kiddo aside and helped them practice their finger spacing between words before our writing center.  We now understand that if we don't have a space between words, we don't know where the words start and stop.  This is were writing and reading go hand in hand.  When we learn to write with spaces between our words, we understand that each group of letters is a word when looking through a book.  

We spend a lot of time each week taking "picture walks" through our library books.  Now we are able to find words, looking through the actual text of the book!

 A favorite of the kids is looking for our word(s) of the week in books!  

Try this at home when you read to your kiddos! 

Words of the Week learned so far...

I, at, to, it

Great work using our finger spacing!!


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