Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ff, 8 and My

This week, the letter Ff, the number 8, and the word "my"

We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Ff and we even mastered the correct formation of the oh so tricky number 8!!  

Ff for fingerprints!

Fall Leaf Fun!

We had Fun going on a Fall leaf walk!  

My Spider

Oooh the kiddos lust LOVE any kind of hand art and we sure are doing a lot of it lately!  

We were able to write our word of the week and number of the week a lot in our centers! 

 My spider has 8 legs!  

My 8 Fingers

 I'm sure by now you all know how much I love to combine lessons with the kiddos!  When one center hits on math, language, writing and's a definite winner for me!

In this center I helped the kids trace there hands.  We then erased 2 fingers.  Huh...we had 10 fingers....erased 2, now we have 8!!   We made our little fingernails on each of our eight fingers and then write the letter Ff on each!  

At the top of the paper we filled in the sentence with the word My and the number 8 to complete the sentence "My 8 fingers!"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Workout in TK!

This week we worked on our fine motor skills by picking up pencil cap erasers with clothespins.

Fine motor skills are very important at this age. We work on fine motor skills a lot in class... without even knowing it!  Things like building with blocks, playing with Legos, forming objects with play-do, cutting with scissors, and coloring all help build our muscles in our hands, fingers and thumb.

Now that we are beginning writing in TK,  we are working more on our pencil grip, letter and number formation, and even writing our WOW (Word Of the Week) words.  

I told the kids it was time for our little hands to head to the gym!  This was a tough hand/finger workout!  The kids not only did great...they loved it!  

Ee for envelope

In a literacy center this week we cut out pictures of objects that started with the letter Ee.  The kids said the words, listening carefully for the "eh" sound.  They then glued their letter E words onto their envelope and practiced writing the letter Ee.

I have 2 eyes!

This week our focus was on the letter Ee and the number 2.

We practiced letter and number formation on paper, white boards, and of course with our "magic finger" in the air!

This was a fun whole group activity that brought both the letter of the week and the number of the week together.  

Ee for 2 Eyes, part 2!

We had fun making our pumpkins with the lowercase e's for eyes this week!

Using our super sharp :) cutting skills, we first cut out our pumpkin, then made eyes using lowercase e's, a triangle nose and a spooky mouth!