Monday, September 3, 2012

Our First Word of The Week.....


In TK we begin learning sight words.  I love starting with the easiest sight word of all!  

It's the word "I"  :)

It's a great first word to start with for the obvious reason of it being pretty easy :) the kids aren't overwhelmed or scared that we are really stepping it up a notch in TK.  It's not just letters, and numbers.... by the end of the year we will learn well over 20 sight words. 

I also like to start with this word to go along with our "All About Me" theme.

This week I was able to sit one-on-one with the kiddos and talk to them...get to really know them.  We discussed our families, what we like to eat, and where we like to go on vacation! 

I drew a big block letter I.  Then I asked them to tell me a few things they really like or love!  Things that are unique to them....


Mrs. M said...

Very cute...great way to get to know the kids! Thanks for sharing =)


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