Monday, September 3, 2012

A Color of His Own

This week we read the book  A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.

It's one of my favorite "back to school" books to read to my class.  It's about a chameleon who is sad that he doesn't have a color of his own.  Everywhere he goes, his color changes.  If he is sitting on grass, he turns green.  If he is walking in the heather, he turns purple.  He never has a color of his own. 

One day he walks up to another chameleon.  The other chameleon asks why he is so sad.  He explains to his new friend that all he wants is to have a color of his own.  His new friend has a brillant idea!  If we always stay together, you'll still change colors but you won't be alone, we'll always be green together in the grass, purple together in the heather, etc.  

It's a great story on being unique, and true friendship.  If we see a sad friend that's alone, we want to make them happy and not feel left out!

I had the kids decide what their chameleons would sit on.  We chose: a purple flower, the Earth, a red polka dotted mushroom, a yellow sun, a black and orange tiger, and a green dinosaur!

We then color, cut, and glued our chameleon friends onto our paper!

The kids truly enjoyed this project.  Since we just learned about the word "unique" and how we are all different and that's what makes us so special, I told them the only rule was we HAD to pick something different than our friends to draw.  So when one chose a purple flower, that was now out- you had to choose something different.  

I was proud of how creative they were and their willingness to not "copy" their buddies ideas.  

In Ms.Kristy's class we are our own person.  We think on our own and make our own choices and decisions.
I will be teaching this life skill to the kids the whole year!


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