Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Evan!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Eric Carle

This week we learned about the author and illustrator Eric Carle.  He is best known for his book       The Very Hungry Caterpillar which has sold over 33 million copies!!  We talked about how most of the books we read have a separate author and illustrator, but Eric Carle is unique because he does both!   We read a few of his books and discussed how similar his illustrations are in each of his books.

Did you know Eric Carle got his start in children's books when author Bill Martin Jr. asked him to illustrate his very famous book, Brown Bear,    Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

Cap Day!

This week we had our first writing center where we tried writing our words by using the phonetics we already know...sounding out the words we want to write.  As the year goes on and we master each of the letter sounds, these writing centers become one of the kids favorite things to do! 

We finished the sentence "I wear my cap when I _____________."

Create a Cat

The Cc is makes two sounds!

This week we learned that the Cc makes more than one sound....just like a cat!  We decided that was a very helpful way to remember that the C has more than one sound.  A cat can hiss and meow and they are 2 very different sounds!  

The hard C makes the /k/ sounds as in cat,  and the soft C makes the /s/ sound as in circle.

In this fun center we used many different skills.  We discussed the shapes given to us on our paper.  We then cut the shapes out and glued them onto our paper to create a cat!  We had fun decorating our cat and finished our project by writing the word "cat" on the bottom of our creative cat!

Cotton Ball 3's

We continued our formation of the number 3 this week.  It's a tricky number to write!  

In this center we traced the dotted line to make the number 3.  We then glued 3 dots on the number 3.  We finger traced back over the number 3 counting and touching each cotton ball.  This is a multi-sensory activity called Touch Math.


Letter Formation

Start at the top (always!) and curve around.  That makes the letter Cc!

Pipe Cleaner C!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bumpy Bb

In this sensory center we glued over the letter Bb, poured black sand on our Bb,  then finger traced over the Bb!

This tactile experience reinforces the formation of the letter.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

What do you see?

In this cute writing center we filled in the blank by copying the words "Brown Bear" and wrote our names in the "what do you see" spot.