Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unpacking, Packing, Moving, Unpacking....

Unpacking.  My "at home teacher stuff" Wow, I didn't realize I had so many things...paper...in every color known to man, manipulatives...from bears to rocks!  Books...tons of books.  Storybooks, college books, workbooks, curriculum books...

 It's fun unpacking.  I find things I forgot I had and it's made me even more excited to get this school year started!

Packing and Moving. If a personal move wasn't enough on my plate, I'm moving my classroom this year! Again, it's very exciting.  I'm going to have more space and I'm super excited about starting from scratch.  An empty room with blank walls...all for me! :)

Let's see, I'd guess I'm about 80% packed up and moved into my new room.

6 days till the first day of school.  5 days left to finish that other 20% and set up for my new kiddos.

Gotta go!


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