Friday, August 10, 2012

So Long Summer...

  Sure, everyone seems to say"Geez this summer few by"... every summer flies by, right?!

Well this summer was definitely the fastest craziest summer yet!  We sold our home in June and moved into our new home in July.  Now let me clarify the meaning of "new home."  It's new to me.  New to my family.  That's it.  Nothing else is new at all!  Yep, we bought a fixer upper and it sure is living up to the fixer upper definition!  Since July 18, EVERYDAY we have had contractors in.  It has been challenging, but also very fun and exciting.  The work will all come to an end (a temporary end) a week after school starts.  Then life goes back to normal...whatever normal is :)

Looking forward to focusing on my new class.  Meeting my new TK kiddos and introducing myself, my classroom, my passion... my other life.  My teacher life.


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