Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear new TK parents,

Thank you.  

Thank you for trusting me to not only teach, but care for and love your children each day.  

It has been an absolute joy this week getting to know your precious children.

Have a fun, hug filled weekend :)



Rainbow Names!

This week we traced over our names in several different colors.  When we are finished, we have a beautiful rainbow name!  

This is a project we will do often in TK- especially in the beginning of the year when the kiddos are still learning to write their names and write letters in the correct letter formation.

**Side note to my new parents**  If you click on the image, it will enlarge :)

Watch Us Grow!

This week in morning meeting we discussed the meaning of the word "goals." 

 We talked about our hopes, our dreams and our goals.  I asked the kids what their goal was for this year in TK.  

We then decorated a paper plate to illustrate our goal.

(Guess the kids only want me to teach them math...and Dinosaurs this year :) )

Counting Kisses

A favorite book in the beginning of the school year is The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

This week after I read the sweet story to the kids, we did a fun and yummy center!

 Continuing our lesson on teamwork and working together as students and friends, we split into groups of 3 for this project.  As a team, the kids put Chester the raccoon prints in order from 1-10.  

Once they were all in order, we counted the correct amount of kisses to put on the raccoon.

This Math center focused on number recognition, number order and making sets.


Wow!  What a wonderful first week back to school!!  The kids are transitioning beautifully into TK.  

We started this week with a scavenger hunt around our classroom!  What fun!  

We are learning about each other- our likes and dislikes, our families, and our dreams and goals!

I can already tell this is going to be a fabulous year!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missing my "old" TK kiddos....

Saw this and it reminded me of my old class.  I can't tell you how many times I'd use the phrase 
"We are a family"

Miss you,

 Baily Cat, Seany, Brady Man, Syd, Jacky and Mr. Ethan

Unpacking, Packing, Moving, Unpacking....

Unpacking.  My "at home teacher stuff" Wow, I didn't realize I had so many every color known to man, manipulatives...from bears to rocks!  Books...tons of books.  Storybooks, college books, workbooks, curriculum books...

 It's fun unpacking.  I find things I forgot I had and it's made me even more excited to get this school year started!

Packing and Moving. If a personal move wasn't enough on my plate, I'm moving my classroom this year! Again, it's very exciting.  I'm going to have more space and I'm super excited about starting from scratch.  An empty room with blank walls...all for me! :)

Let's see, I'd guess I'm about 80% packed up and moved into my new room.

6 days till the first day of school.  5 days left to finish that other 20% and set up for my new kiddos.

Gotta go!

Friday, August 10, 2012

More than just a teacher....

So Long Summer...

  Sure, everyone seems to say"Geez this summer few by"... every summer flies by, right?!

Well this summer was definitely the fastest craziest summer yet!  We sold our home in June and moved into our new home in July.  Now let me clarify the meaning of "new home."  It's new to me.  New to my family.  That's it.  Nothing else is new at all!  Yep, we bought a fixer upper and it sure is living up to the fixer upper definition!  Since July 18, EVERYDAY we have had contractors in.  It has been challenging, but also very fun and exciting.  The work will all come to an end (a temporary end) a week after school starts.  Then life goes back to normal...whatever normal is :)

Looking forward to focusing on my new class.  Meeting my new TK kiddos and introducing myself, my classroom, my passion... my other life.  My teacher life.