Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tricky Jj

Over the past 2 weeks I did assessments on the kiddos.  They are all so smart, and so ready to move on...bitter sweet!!

We have a few tricky letters that we all could use some work on.  From here on out,  I'm going to start to re-introduce these tricky letters.  

This week, the formation of the letter Jj.

We worked on "air writing"  where we literally use our pointer fingers and "write" the letter Jj in the air.  We used white boards (because they are too much fun!), and used regular writing paper for practice- following the 1-2 steps of writing the letter J.  

Here was a fun way to practice as well...  Using wet chalk, the kids traced over my Jj, then wrote their own.  Wet chalk is always a big hit.  On dark construction paper the colors POP and seem almost neon!


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