Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Save the Chimps!

Our very sweet and generous TK class collected jars of peanut butter, bags of rice, boxes of pasta, and even cleaned out their closets for stuffed animals no longer "in use" :)  


To help Save the Chimps!

While studying Chimpanzees, (yes, I mean ME!! )   :)    I came across this website,  

 Save the Chimps is an amazing organization that provides a permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, entertainment, and the pet trade.  It is located in Florida.  They have created 12 three acre islands for these chimpanzees to live.

The foundation is entirely funded through donations from individuals  and private foundations.  On their website they have a wish list of items for the chimpanzees.  Items such as penut butter, rice, pasta, fleece blankets, etc.  

SO!!  We decided to ask our entire school to help Save the Chimps!!  We collected donations all last week and we sent the box out today.

I am excited to announce our totals!!  

Our tiny TK class collected....

13 pounds of peanut butter
17 pounds of rice
2 pounds of grits
5 pounds of pasta 
2 pounds of cookies
1 pound of oats
and a whole lot of stuffed animals!

I am so thankful to have these sweet kids in my life :)  They were SO proud to collect these items for the Chimps in Florida.

****I'd like to add a little sad side note***

It just so happens that today, May 2nd, is the day 3 years ago that the founder of Save the Chimps, INC, Dr. Carole Noon passed away from pancreatic cancer.  Her legacy and hard work continues today at the sanctuary in Florida.

Today, we remember her.  Today, we thank her for having such an awesome passion.....


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A great job by great kids!

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