Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Number 20

In math center and math circle time this week we focused on number 20. 

 We wrote it. We counted out 20 blocks.  We counted 10 cubes.  We counted 10 more cubes.  We added 10 cubes +10 cubes and saw it equaled 20 cubes.  We counted in sets of 2 and in sets of 5 to get to 20.  All things TWENTY!

This was a cute activity we did in center to show just a few of the different ways we learned about the number 20 this week!

Unfortunately this seems to be the only, and best photo I have that you can actually see what we did.

We wrote the word Twenty.  
Using tally marks we counted by 5's to make 20.  
We drew 20 single dots and we wrote the number sentence 10+10=20.


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