Thursday, May 10, 2012


We learned all about ladybugs this week!  Did you know that they aren't really a bug?  They are a type of beetle and in some countries they call them lady-beetles instead of ladybugs...makes sense huh?!  

We learned that there are over 500 kinds of ladybugs just in the USA.  They are very important because their main source of food is aphids, which eat and kill our crops!  

 Ladybugs are so bright and beautiful aren't they?  Well, their color is actually meant to make them seem unappealing to predators.  They can secrete a fluid from their legs which makes them taste really bad!  Their bright red bodies are reminders to predators that have tried to eat a ladybug before that they taste AWFUL! 

  Again..the things I learn in TK :)


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