Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Teacher Appreciation me!

Wow, Wow, WOW!  This week my parents showered me with appreciation and love!  It is so nice to be appreciated for what I do.   They truly are an awesome set of parents!  

Every day this week was a new surprise.  Sweet handwritten notes from the kids, a super cute thirty-one tote filled with goodies, (including a favorite...hand sanitizer! :)
A generous gift card to a local education store, Breakfast!  Bagels & cream cheese and yummy fruit salad, and now today...  beautiful flowers.  And not just flowers.  When I walked in my classroom this morning the flowers were on my desk already. In a super creative "teacher" container that one of my ultra crafty :) Moms made for me (be sure to click on the photos so you can get a better look!! )

Then they kiddos came up.  One by one each of them handed me a beautiful flower to add to my vase.  So, so sweet and absolutely unforgettable.  Yep, I'm officially spoiled. :)

                        Parents, you thanked me...a wonderful thank you.  It's my turn now.


 We are down to just under 30 days....I can't bring myself to think about how hard our goodbyes will be.


Creative Teacherette said...

It's so great when you see how much they love you :) Great blog, greetings from Croatia!

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