Thursday, May 10, 2012

For the love of books

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we are working more and more with books. We are each at a different reading level and that is just fine and completely normal!  

At this point I want to make sure each of the kiddos are exposed to different classroom activities that promotes concepts of print.

From the very basics of how to hold a book and knowing the front from the back of a book, to more complex concepts such as reading from left to right, knowing words from letters, and basic punctuation.  

I want the kids to pick up a book and feel comfortable and confident.  Whether it's still taking "picture walks" or actual reading.  

So! We have been still plugging along with our guided and shared reading.  The kids are really enjoying getting books and having "teacher reading time" with me. 

I have done a lot of fun activities in class getting the kids familiar and comfortable with books.  Unfortunately a lot of these activities do not have a tangible item/craft to take home, so you'll see a little less things in your kiddos folders.  

Here is one activity the kids enjoyed!  

After they wrote the words, we read the sight words we already knew.  Then I had them try to figure out the long scary words!
  Let's look at the pictures on the page, can we make a guess from there?  What letter/sound does the word start with?  Can we use our "blending" technique to sound out the word? 

It's such a great feeling seeing the kids so proud of themselves!


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