Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rolling Into Addition

 We did a group center this week using dice!  We each took turns rolling the big dice and then wrote a number sentence.  

Counted, added, and solved our math problem!

Number Games!

 Just like last week with letters, except this week it's all numbers! 

 We separated into groups of 2 and played games to help improve our number sense, number recognition and number order.

The kids have been working so well together in teams!

In this game, one kiddo gets "picture cards" and one gets the numbers.  Together they count, find the number and make a match .

Here we are counting cubes in groups of 5 and counting by 5's...even past 100!!

 This is our number order game.  Using number bean bags we have to find the numbers and line them up in order.

I Can

Read a book to you!

This was a cute high frequency word book we spent a lot of time on this week.  When we were finished we put the book together and each read the book to the class.  It is such a confidence builder when the kids think..."Hey, I can read!!"   :)

100 O's

What a fun center this was!  The kiddos counted out 5 Cheerio's  for each box till we hit 100!  We then counted by 5's out loud and wrote our 5's out as well.  This was another great center for fine motor skills (and patience!) 

At then end, the kiddos enjoyed a yummy treat by taking 5 away...and placing them in their bellies! :)  We saw that taking 5 away from our 100-  we now have 95 left!  

Domino Math!

This week we focused on reviewing numbers.  From writing numbers/number formation, greater than less than, counting, coins, adding and more!  

In this center we used dominos!  Adding both sides, then writing the correct number sentence.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not *just* playing games!

I've mentioned these last few weeks of school we will be focusing on review, guided and shared reading, and of course, working on or graduation! 

So, as much as I know you love to see your super student's actual work, there will be a lot less of it coming home.  At this point in the year it's all about keeping them interested in learning, staying focused and on task, and remembering they are still in the classroom!!  Summer is not quite here!!

We will be rotating as teams playing these games over the next week as well.

Here are some photos of us "playing games" (secretly learning!! :)  )

This game is all about decoding.  Decoding unfamiliar words, recognizing beginning sounds and word endings, and building phonics skills.   

This "game" is an ABC word match.  See the picture.  Say what it is.  Find the beginning sound and make your puzzle.

These little fingers went to the gym....

This was pure fine motor skill work! 

I used beads, small foam shapes, macaroni, paper clips, mini erasers and clothes pins to give the pointer finger and thumb and BIG workout!

The rules:  you can only use one hand- ONLY your right hand (since we are all righties) to pick up ONLY one piece.  Then place it in the correct space in the container.  Pictures explain it all!

**** My families of boys....  This was very tough for them but they didn't give up! This is a GREAT easy, easy way to have the boys practice handwriting over the summer without having them actually write.  Strengthening those fine motor skills is key to great handwriting. ****