Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello from Whitehouse Jamaica!!

 What a great way to start our vacation in Jamaica!   Our plane landed around 10pm Wednesday night.  The drive to the resort was a good hour and a half so bedtime was well past midnight.   Still, I was up before 6am Thursday morning...just too excited to go visit these sweet children!

What an experience!  These kiddos were SO thrilled to see us.  They were extremely appreciative just to have us there, let alone all the books and school supplies we brought for them.

I read several books to them, talked to them about what they liked best in school, played outside with them, and just loved on them...it was perfect.

I will post more when we return.  It's our last day here and the ocean, white powder sand, and sun are calling me....    :)

Kaylia- this little girl is so sweet!  She was so excited to have me read to her!

My little guy Jordan

Reading to Jordan, Nyeke, and Zaria


The outside of the school

Saying goodbye to Jordan...


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to make this trip to see the class. I bet Jordon would like you to visit every year!! CB

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