Friday, April 27, 2012

Chimps have feelings too :) :(


During one of our chimpanzee circle time discussions, we learned that another way chimpanzees are like us is that they have emotions like us.  I love "accidentally" teaching the kids new vocabulary words in my lesson plans!  Emotions?  What is that word?!  Well, they are our feelings.  How can we feel?  Sad, happy, angry, scared, lonely and nervous were some of the feelings the kiddos shouted out.  

I used these sheets to help them find the missing words.  Saying the words out-loud, listening to the sounds the word makes.  Now making a guess as to which word was the correct word.  It's all apart of "decoding."  A major influence on the beginnings of reading.

The kids cut out each word.  The only word they really already knew was sad.  Now it was time to decode.  

Playful.  It starts with the /p/ sound.  That's P!   Now let's find the word that starts with the letter P!

This is just one of many decoding steps we will be working on for the rest of the year.


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