Friday, March 23, 2012

This week...Michigan!

This week we stopped in Michigan!  We read both Pout-Pout Fish books, 
The Pout Pout Fish and The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark
By Author Deborah Diesen!

This was a very special stop!  Author Deborah Diesen saw my previous post on Reading Across America, and she kindly sent our class a note explaining where she lived in Michigan, AND Pout-Pout Fish bookmarks!!  How excited we were!  The kids LOVED it that she even signed all the bookmarks so now they have her autograph!  We are so grateful that she reached out to us!  

The books are so cute and all week I could hear the kids whispering parts of the book without even realizing it....

"Blub, Bluub, Bluub"   or   "I spread the dreary-wearies all over the place!"

I was trying to think of something to do Pout-Pout related :) and decided to have the kids re-create the book cover!

I made a few outlines on my own, the fish body, eyes and the pouty lip.  The kids had a lot of scissor work with this!

Then we glued the pieces together, looked at the book cover...(studied the book cover :) and finally, we watercolor painted our book cover.

                                     Look at my pouty face!


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