Friday, February 24, 2012

Stamping Out Sight Words!

I've had these letter stamps, capital and lowercase, since Christmas.  As a matter of fact, my sweet husband got them for me as a Christmas gift!  My kids were a little confused at all the gifts he bought me that were not really for an adult woman, but for a 5 year old kid!!  Each time I opened one, my face lit up with joy...that was a little confusing for them too!!  :)  

Anyway!!!  Finally, I was able to use them this week.  I was just as excited to have my classroom kiddos use them as I was opening them Christmas morning!!

Ss is for Stamping and Sight words!

This was a great center!  The kids were able to decide on their own which sight words they wanted to stamp....other than our word of the week, so, which was a must :)

They found their letters, stamped the word out one letter at a time, and then wrote the word with their very best handwriting!   Great learning, great fun!


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