Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short week, with a lot of learning!

I still can't believe this past week was only 3 days long!!  We learned so much!  We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Ss by writing it in our ABC journals, writing it on our white boards, and even in shaving cream!  

We learned our very first phonogram this week- sh.  We made a word list of all the words we can think of that have the sh sound in them.  Beginning, middle or end.  I was so thrilled at all the words they came up with!  Even words that are not actually sh words...but only due to the English language ;) like ocean and sure.  

We hit our record for our word list with our letter of the week- 51 Ss words!  Wow!  

We learned about new shapes this week and even went on a classroom shape hunt to find our shapes. 

This week coming up is a very special week.  On friday March 2nd we will celebrate Dr.Seuss' birthday!!

I LOVE Dr. Seuss and I have a lot of fun things planned for the week. 

 PLUS!  March is National Reading month for kids. 
 More info to come.....   :)


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