Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not so many belly laughs this week...

This week was certainly NOT a typical week in TK.  
We have been so sick!  One day we were down to just 3 kids in class!!  

I always pride myself on being a very health conscious tacher.  We talk about healthy foods, taking vitamins, covering sneezes and coughs, and washing our hands....A LOT! The kids know that everyday for lunch Ms.Kristy drinks a bottle of vitamin water to stay healthy, because if she gets sick...well, she can't teach!

So, this week it happened.  I started feeling ill last Saturday and by Monday morning I was full blown sick!   I was out on Monday, returned Tuesday for half a day and was back out on Wednesday.  I should have known, the kids have been out sick for days at a time, some even an entire week...this bug was nasty with a capital N!   I was certainly going to have to miss some time myself :(

I am feeling much better and am SO excited that so are the kids!  On friday we had the WHOLE class back!  That is the first in THREE weeks!  

The kids made this special book for me when I was out.  Each one wrote to me, wishing for me to get well and come back and teach them :)

Love, love, love these kiddos!


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