Friday, February 17, 2012

"How are we going to learn with these rocks Ms.Kristy?"

So...did they really think we were going to just collect rocks??  Did they think there wasn't going to be some type of educational reason for having what seemed to be an extra recess just digging around the playground looking for rocks?? 

No, they know me well enough now :)

As soon as I told them we had enough rocks and it was time to go in, I heard it...that question I was hoping to hear.... "How are we going to learn with these rocks Ms.Kristy?" 

Ah ha!  Let's go find out! 

First we had to sort our rocks!  Small, Medium, and Big!

We grouped our rocks into piles of 10's and 5's and counted.  We had to fill in the underlined part of our paper with our answers!
I counted 32 small rocks
I counted 52 Medium rocks
I counted 40 big rocks

I have the most Medium rocks

( Notice how I actually snuck in a writing center with this math center too!!  ;) )


Mrs. M said...

How fun! I just posted myself about my class and rocks! Cute blog =)

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