Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Artist in Me ~ Picasso

I had Picasso on my lesson plans for last week...Pablo Picasso fit beautifully with the letter Pp!  However, with having a lot of the class out....and myself, I decided to postpone the lesson. 

Author and artist studies are absolutely my favorite weeks!  Picasso is one of my favorite artists to teach to kids.  His art is broken into different stages of his life which makes it interesting and easier for the kids to understand.

We learned about Picasso's life and his art.  We learned that some of his art styles were directly related to his life.  The Blue Period, where his art consisted of mainly blues, greens, and greys was directly related to Picasso's sadness.  He had lost his best friend and Picasso felt sad and alone.  

After the Blue Period, was the Rose Period.  His art was more lively and cheerful colors- a lot of pinks, reds and oranges.  This was during the time in his life he met and fell in love with Fernande Olivier.

I am so excited for our Art Show this Tuesday!  I will wait to post any photos of the kids art until after the show.  


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