Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tt for Teeth. Dental Health Week!

This week we are learning about our teeth!  

We learned what the parts of a tooth are, what makes our teeth white, what makes our teeth healthy and what makes our teeth unhealthy!

We started the week with making our very own toothbrush...well, our own paper toothbrush!  After we made our toothbrush we each wrote a fact that we learned about teeth and toothbrushing. 

The kids really got a kick out of making these "giant toothbrushes" and I loved watching them use their super scissor and writing skills!

Water, soda and some eggs!

I always love the look on their little faces when I bring something into the classroom that they know doesn't belong (like shaving cream!!).  I typically get a  "whaaat in the world?!"

This week... A soda, a bottle of water, and some hard boiled eggs! 

We placed one egg in water and 3 others in soda.  I explained that we are using eggs to represent our teeth.  Both teeth and eggshells are made of minerals containing mostly calcium.  We are letting them soak  in our classroom overnight. 

 Hmmm, I wonder what will happen to them???

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short week, with a lot of learning!

I still can't believe this past week was only 3 days long!!  We learned so much!  We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Ss by writing it in our ABC journals, writing it on our white boards, and even in shaving cream!  

We learned our very first phonogram this week- sh.  We made a word list of all the words we can think of that have the sh sound in them.  Beginning, middle or end.  I was so thrilled at all the words they came up with!  Even words that are not actually sh words...but only due to the English language ;) like ocean and sure.  

We hit our record for our word list with our letter of the week- 51 Ss words!  Wow!  

We learned about new shapes this week and even went on a classroom shape hunt to find our shapes. 

This week coming up is a very special week.  On friday March 2nd we will celebrate Dr.Seuss' birthday!!

I LOVE Dr. Seuss and I have a lot of fun things planned for the week. 

 PLUS!  March is National Reading month for kids. 
 More info to come.....   :)

Shaving cream in TK?!


A great FUN way to practice writing our letters and words is with... Shaving cream!  Who woulda thought?! 

We each got a squirt of shaving cream and spread it out a little in front of us.  This became our shaving cream writing canvas!  Using our pointer finger we made the correct letter formation of the letter Ss...which is such a tricky letter and easily flipped.  Then we "cleared our canvas" by just wiping our hand over the Ss we just made!  How cool is that?!  :)  Next, we wrote our sight word of the week, so.
We practiced writing our first phonogram  Then some sh words, like fish and dish!  We had SO much fun....we will definitely be doing this again!!  

Sh for Shapes!

We're going on a shape hunt. Look what we found!!

We knew the shape of a diamond and a star , but the cylinder and cube were a little tricky!!  Wow, they are 3-D shapes.  3-D stands for 3 dimensions.   Length, height, and depth. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stamping Out Sight Words!

I've had these letter stamps, capital and lowercase, since Christmas.  As a matter of fact, my sweet husband got them for me as a Christmas gift!  My kids were a little confused at all the gifts he bought me that were not really for an adult woman, but for a 5 year old kid!!  Each time I opened one, my face lit up with joy...that was a little confusing for them too!!  :)  

Anyway!!!  Finally, I was able to use them this week.  I was just as excited to have my classroom kiddos use them as I was opening them Christmas morning!!

Ss is for Stamping and Sight words!

This was a great center!  The kids were able to decide on their own which sight words they wanted to stamp....other than our word of the week, so, which was a must :)

They found their letters, stamped the word out one letter at a time, and then wrote the word with their very best handwriting!   Great learning, great fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rhyme Time!

Rr is for Read!


What's the most important Rr word?  READ!!

   We made mini books reminding us to bring one of our favorite books to school on Friday for Ms.Kristy to read to us!  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rr is for Rocks!

Hey kids, let's go find some rocks!  Huh?  Are you still feeling ill Ms. Kristy?? 

 Let's go outside and go on a search for rocks, big and small for our math center! 

 Rocks for Math Center??
Are you sure you are feeling ok? 

                                                     Teamwork in action!!

                                           Dump truck full of rocks!

"How are we going to learn with these rocks Ms.Kristy?"

So...did they really think we were going to just collect rocks??  Did they think there wasn't going to be some type of educational reason for having what seemed to be an extra recess just digging around the playground looking for rocks?? 

No, they know me well enough now :)

As soon as I told them we had enough rocks and it was time to go in, I heard it...that question I was hoping to hear.... "How are we going to learn with these rocks Ms.Kristy?" 

Ah ha!  Let's go find out! 

First we had to sort our rocks!  Small, Medium, and Big!

We grouped our rocks into piles of 10's and 5's and counted.  We had to fill in the underlined part of our paper with our answers!
I counted 32 small rocks
I counted 52 Medium rocks
I counted 40 big rocks

I have the most Medium rocks

( Notice how I actually snuck in a writing center with this math center too!!  ;) )

Art Show

Wow!  What a great Art Show and Valentines Day party we had this week!  Thank you so much for coming!!  The children were so excited to give you a tour of our little art museum!  Every piece of art has a story and the kiddos did such a great job explaining their art, and it's story.

Today we made big art folders to carry our valuable Picasso art pieces home!

Enjoy :)

The Artist In Me