Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Brown egg, White egg.

Ms.Kristy is the only one of us in class with blue eyes.  Would it be fair if she wasn't allowed to eat at nice restaurants just because she has blue eyes?

  Would it be fair if everyone who has brown or green eyes was able to go to the best schools but Ms.Kristy had to go to a different school... one that was not as good, with broken playground equipment, and was far away from the brown and green eyed school?

Of course not!

Does it matter what we look like on the outside?  Does it matter if we are tall, short, dark skin, light skin, blond, or brunette?  Should we judge someone by how they look?  How they dress?  Where they live?

Project Brown Egg, White Egg.

Let's look at these two eggs.  How are they the same?  
They are both eggs.  They are both oval shape.  You can eat both of them.  They are the same size.  

How are they different.  
One is white and one is brown.

Is that it?  Yep...that's it.

Ok, what do you think they look like inside?  
"Ms. Kirsty are you going to smash the eggs open!?"  No, no!!  But I am going to crack them open and see what they look like inside.  What do you think?  How do you think they will look inside?

"The white egg will look yellow and the brown egg will look brown."  The kids were completely convinced that the inside would definitely look different. 
(certainly helped my project that the kids all seem to only eat white eggs!!)

I crack the white one open.  Yep, we are right!  It's yellow.  Now the brown egg...WOW...


Project complete!

Even though we may look different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same.  We are humans that deserve to be treated equally with kindness and respect.

Teacher warm fuzzies for knowing I made an impact that will always be remembered :)


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