Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Number bean bag fun!

We played the number bean bag game 2 ways....the silly way and the smart way :)

 I have bean bags numbered 1-20.  I randomly passed out 3 bean bags to the kids.

Now, what can we do with these bean bags?  Hoping for a "Oh, let's learn with them Ms.Kristy!"  instead I got a very serious "we could see if we can balance them on our heads" response!!   So of course, I laughed, and said.... OK!  Let's do it!  

* the serious faces crack me up...they are trying not to smile or laugh because if they do, well, they fall!

Now let's do this another way...let's look at the 3 numbers we have.  Who has the number 1?  That kiddo will be the leader of our game.  This is the number line game!   Each kiddo needs to know what their number is and where it belongs on the number line.  We did GREAT!


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