Saturday, January 7, 2012

Newsletter (Ll)

This week, the letter Ll
Word of the Week- Like 
Number of the week- 12

Happy New Year!!

Look!  I found the letter Ll!

Using our magnifying glasses we looked for the letter Ll in newspaper print. 
We are now adding to this fun activity by also looking for any words we know.  Even if it hasn’t been a word of the week, if we can read it, we record it at the bottom of our page.  It’s exciting to see what words the kiddos already recognize that hasn’t even been taught in class! 

Math: Learning with Legos

Lego Bump Addition

In one of our math centers we added the “bumps” on Legos!  The kids really enjoyed this and thought it was really cool that they were able to use Legos as a learning tool! 
What a cool manipulative for math!  Being able to not only see the manipulative, but also feel it!

During free time the kids were building with Legos.  Spaceships, buildings, cars, animals …all sorts of imagination!!  I absolutely love to see the kids using their imagination.  This week it took on a whole new level as I watched them counting and adding their bumps on the objects they made…WOW!  J

In math circle we discussed the meaning of less than. We started very basic.  Just 1 Lego in my hand and 10 Legos in my other hand.  Which is less?  Silly Ms. Kristy…. obviously only one is less than 10! 

Ok, let’s bump it up and use our number line.  Which is less 23 or 29. If we are not sure, let’s look to see which number is closer to 0.  We are picking up on less than very well!  We will be working on more than next week and continue to use more than/ less than in our math circles the rest of the year. 

We played a one less snowflake game where the kids grabbed a numbered snowflake.  They then recorded the number they picked and wrote the number that is one less.

The letter Ll.

Well, we sure like the letter Ll as it is pretty easy to write!  Reviewing letter formation was a breeze!!   Using letter stamps we stamped around our letter L.  We made rainbow Ll’s and play-do Ll’s!

In Lit circle we came up with a HUGE list of L words!  Our word list keeps growing each week and sometimes I’m just shocked at the vocabulary your kids are learning! 

Happy New Year!  How many Letter L's can you find in our Happy New Year cheer?  

We are half way through our year and the letter L fits perfectly into one of my goals for the kids.  Last names!  This can be either dreadful or exciting for the kids!  There was definitely mixed emotions on my new rule of EVERYTHING must have your first and last name written on it now.   Of course I’m making it fun and sometimes silly J Singing the last names to each child to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.   Luckily they all can be sung to that tune without sounding too silly.  Now my last name… that was the super silly!  Try singing S-E-R-D-I-N-S-K-Y to that tune!!! 

We cut out the letters in our last name, unscramble them and glued them to our “I know my last name” paper. 

Writing:   Happy New Year!  In the year 2012 I want to _________________.   

We always have a writing meeting before we sit and write.  I question the kids to get them thinking.   Think…  I want to… go somewhere?  Do something?  Learn something?  After we meet the kids are free to write whatever they have come up with.  It’s fun to hear their ideas of what they want for the year 2012!  From learning how to ski, learning math to going to Chuck-e-Cheese!

Is it spring or winter?   Well, it is winter but often in North Carolina our winter days can feel like spring!  That’s how it’s been most of our winter here so far.  This week was CRAZY weather though!  We froze on Monday and Tuesday and by Friday we were outside enjoying the 65-degree weather.  No hats, mittens, or bright red cheeks!

We took advantage of the weather and used our giant number line to have a math circle outside.  We lined up and one at a time I told the kids how many to step or jump.  The tricky part…. I gave them a number that they had to recognize and stand on first.  Now, we are only jumping or counting less than style!  Stand on the number 27.  Jump 2 less than 27.   Again, great learning fun while getting out the extra energy! 
It’s going to be close to 70 degrees this weekend…enjoy!! 

Big Smiles,


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