Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby it's COLD outside!

Well, we certainly aren't used to this weather!  A few days ago it was in the 70's and today we had a high of 38!  Yikes!  We did go outside for a quick recess today- I had the kids run on the field but before too long, they were all cold.

Now I'm not talking just a little bit cold.  I'm talking cheeks bright red, numb fingers, shivering cold!  It was the first time this year they actually asked me to go in!  I looked at my watch...well, it's only been 8 minutes.  Hmm, what do I do? Ok, time to go in and do something fun...where it's nice and toasty!

We did the Crazy Shakedown which they LOVE, but I wanted to try something new.  In those 8 minutes, they actually got a ton of energy out and seemed more tired (or just numb all over!) than crazy.  How about Yoga!  Yoga?!  What is Yoga?  Well, two kids actually not only knew what Yoga was but wanted to teach the others different poses!

I have these Yoga for Kids cards at school.  They have pictures of someone doing the pose and the name of the pose.  I thought I would keep their interest the best by doing all the "animal poses."  The elephant, the shark, the gorilla....

I soon realized- hey, they are actually really into this!  Before long we had done over 10 different Yoga poses!

This is why I am constantly trying new things with the kids.  You just never know.  A class mostly full of boys, who LOVE yoga...nice.  :)


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