Saturday, December 31, 2011

Newsletter (Kk)

Here are the highlights of this week.

Our Focus:
The letter Kk

Word of the week: be

Letter Kk

This week, the letter Kk!  We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Kk by gluing around the letter K and adding the cereal Kix to our K!

Using our fine motor skills we tore up Kleenex into really small pieces and glued the pieces around the letter K.  The kids discussed in circle time that they think the letter Kk is quite tricky to write!  The reasons: there are two slanted lines going in opposite directions and the lowercase k is so similar to the capital K…yet different!  Wow! It’s nice to know what the kids are really thinking; it certainly makes my job easier!  I was able to spend more time focusing on the letter formation and giving them some helpful pointers such as visualizing the letter Kk is kicking…straight line down, slant in, kick out.

Math Centers:

This week we reviewed the numbers 5 and 10.  Each day we practiced counting by 10’s.  My goal is to bump it up and start counting by 5’s in the New Year.  Snowman addition!  We added 3+2, wrote the number 5 as the answer and glued 5 buttons down our snowman’s belly!

We made a Rudolf craft this week by tracing our hands and cutting them out for his antlers.  We then numbered our antler fingers 1-10.

Our class sure does love ketchup!  We did a class graph on who likes ketchup and on what kinds of foods do you like ketchup on!  So many things from French Fries, eggs, and even Mac-n-cheese!


This week we read a lot of Holiday books!  Again, we reviewed and discussed fact from fiction. We read a Kwanzaa book, which we decided, had a lot of facts in it!   We also read a book about a polar bear going ice-skating, which was definitely fiction!

We played Letter BINGO this week a new “tricky” way.  Whenever I pulled a letter that we already learned, I only gave them the sound of that letter!

 Writing Center:

In our journals we wrote: I like to be at the ________.   As always, we had to sound our word(s) to finish our sentence.  I have seen a wonderful improvement since we started sounding out our words!  We then illustrated our sentence.

Pajama Day!  We discussed that it was really fun to wear our pajamas to school on Thursday BUT we weren’t wearing our PJ’s just for fun.  We were wearing them in celebration of helping other kids in need, whose families have trouble affording or can’t afford pajamas.  Since we recently learned the meaning of Thanksgiving and now Christmas, we felt pretty good about ourselves giving to other kiddos who needed our help!  Our school collected over 50 pajama sets! Thank you!!

The Holiday Spirit!  We spent a lot of extra time this week, and we will next week as well, doing holiday type crafts.  Right now the room is decorated with these holiday crafts but I assure you they will all come home this Thursday!  The kiddos really wanted to take them all home right away!  I love it that they are so proud of their work.  ☺

We have been spending a lot of our circle time singing and practicing for our big play coming up this Friday!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come meet with me on Friday!

Big Smiles,
Ms Kristy


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