Friday, December 30, 2011

Newsletter (Jj)

Our Focus:
The letter Jj and Rhyming

Word of the week: at

Number of the Week: 10

Letter Jj

This week, the letter Jj!    We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Jj by tracing the Jj with many colors making our rainbow Jj’s.  We also learned and practiced the sound of J, coming up with a long list of J words!

Math Centers:

This week in math we continued with addition using jellybeans as our manipulative!  We grabbed a few jellybeans and counted them.  Wrote the number, then grabbed another handful of jellybeans and counted them as well.  We placed our jellybeans on paper between the + sign and then added them all together to find the total.  The kids had a great time doing this!  I love to see them using other math skills while leaning another.  An example, they made patterns with their jellybeans they were adding!  Smart kiddos!

As a fun math activity we had a jumping contest!  We used cubes as our non-standard measuring tool.  Sydney had the longest jump at 75 cubes!

How many jellybeans are in the jar?  We made our prediction, wrote it down, then as a class counted all the jelly beans to see how close our estimation was.

We made a kid bar graph using our jackets this week!  We sorted and graphed by color, buttons, zippers and hoods!


 This week we discussed rhyming words.  Our word of the week was “at” so this fit in perfectly!  Do you know how many words your kiddos know now that they know the word at?  A lot!

Hello “at” word family!  At, sat, fat, cat, rat….

We then made our At Hat.  Filling in a missing letter to create at words.

We played lots of silly rhyming games this week.  The silly name song was a hit.  We all sang the silly name song and when I pointed to a kiddo I gave them a letter, they then had to rhyme their name using the sound of the letter I gave them!  Example- If I gave Ethan the letter G, he would say Ethan gethan. A great letter sound review as well!  It was a little tricky but the kids caught on fast and laughed at all the silly names! ☺

Jack and Jill went up the hill…   We read Jack and Jill and then made up our very own TK Jack and Jill story using our own rhymes!

Writing Center:

This is my jacket.  I wear it when________________.  The kids thought about when they wear a jacket.  Do they wear a jacket in the summer?  No!  They wear a jacket in the fall, winter, when it’s cold, and when it’s snowing!  They then illustrated their sentence.

In free Art we decorated a jacket!  I always tell the kids the only rule in free art is to use your imagination and be creative!  They sure were creative looking jackets ;)

At recess we counted how many jumping jacks we could do until we just got too tired!  We also counted how many times we could jump.  Was a nice way to get out that extra energy they have!

Next week, the letter Kk!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Big Smiles,
Ms Kristy


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