Thursday, December 29, 2011

Newsletter (Ii)

The letter Ii
Theme: Thanksgiving
Words of the Week- it and I.  Number of the week- 9


Theme:  Thanksgiving
This week we read thanksgiving books, discussed the meaning of thanksgiving and talked about all the things we are thankful for.

We also talked about family traditions and what our family does on Thanksgiving.  Some of you travel, some stay home, some have family to your home, some eat turkey and some eat pork!

We drew a picture of what we thought our dinner plate would look like this year on Thanksgiving.  Making sure we added all the different types of foods our family eats!

This week the number 9!  We practiced writing our number nine a lot this week!  We wrote the number nine 9 times!  Once we had 5 number 9’s on our paper we used manipulatives to see how many more times we needed to write the number 9 till we have a total of nine 9’s!  Phew!  The kiddos are doing great with this basic math and truly enjoy the fact that they are really solving math problems!

The letter Ii.  The  letter Ii makes 2 sounds!  The short i sound as in insect and the long i sound as in Ice!

We did 2 different activities to go along with both sounds.  We made Ice cream cones by cutting out circles and triangles then gluing them together, and of course adding our “sprinkles!”  Then we made insect fingerprints with ink!  The kids had a lot of fun with this and were quite creative I must say!! ☺

I spy the letter of the week AND our words of the week!  We looked for letter Ii’s in newspaper print, highlighting each one we found and finished by counting and writing the total number found.  Since playing I spy and letter hunts have been so much fun and the kids really enjoy them, I decided to add a word hunt as well!  Using books from our library we had to spy our words of the week, it and I.

It makes me so proud of your kiddos when not only are they finding our words of the week but also raising their hands to tell me they found past words of the week!!  “Oh, look Ms. Kristy, I found the words do and go!”  Big Ms. Kristy smiles ☺


On Thanksgiving my family _____________.  We wrote about a tradition that our family does each year for thanksgiving and then illustrated our sentence.

We also made paper bag turkeys using the feathers to write what we are thankful for!

We had some yucky weather this week!  That didn’t stop us from having some great indoor recess fun!  Did your children tell you about our class roller coaster?  We used bendy straws and play-do to make an object.  Anything they wanted.  A building, an animal, a house...they made quite the impressive roller coaster!   This is a great rainy day activity that not only makes the children use their imaginations but really helps their fine motor skills as well!!

We sure did have quite the busy week of learning and fun!

Have a great weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy


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