Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Newsletter (Hh)

The letter Hh
Theme:  Author Study- Laura Numeroff
Word of the Week- He.
Number of the week- 7


This week the number seven (7)! We practiced correct formation of the number seven.   We talked about the numbers before and after 7, that adding 3 more to 7 equals 10!  We used ourselves as “human manipulatives” ☺ to show seven.  6 kids + 1 teacher = 7!   5 kids are lined up at the door; we need 1 more kid and 1 more adult to make 7!   5+2=7.    I decided to keep reviewing the formation of the number 6 this week.  The kiddos are still writing the six backwards often.  Practice, practice, practice make perfect!

To go along with our author study, we did chocolate chip cookie patterns.  (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) With these patterns the children had to make the correct number of chocolate chips per cookie as written.  They had cookies that were 7 chips, 7 chips, 6 chips, 7 chips, or an AAB pattern along with several other AB/ABC patterns.

A busy week for math!  We also learned about halves.  We cut shapes in half, and then glued them to a solid sheet of paper to show our halves we cut.  We also took a pencil and drew a line down the middle to show our shape in half, then only colored one half of our shape.

This week, the letter Hh.  Did you know that a dog on a hot summer day is always making the H sound?  Huh, huh, huh!  To remind us of what the letter H says, we pretended to be dogs on a hot day panting the H sound.  This was a silly way to always remember what the letter H says!!
We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Hh.   The capital H is pretty easy for us!  We made Hh scarecrows this week!  Decorating our Hat with the capital letter H, the scarecrow’s eyes with a capital letter H and the nose with a lowercase h!  These came out super cute and are hanging by our staircase if you’d like to come see them before they go home!
A huh huh HUG for you!  We painted our hands and cut them out.  Then using sentence strips we measured our arm span.  We decorated our “arms” and wrote “A hug from ___” (Me!) Me, one of our sight words we already know!!

Author Study- Laura Numeroff inspired class book.  Our third class book, to be coming home soon.  If You Give a Kid…
The children wrote and illustrated their own page in our book.  It’s super cute, can’t wait for you to see it!!!

***I have a separate sheet that was to come home with you today that explained our Author study.  You will be getting this on Monday.  Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly out of school today.   I was in the hospital with my daughter till the wee hours of the morning.  She started going into anaphylactic shock, needed her Epi-pen and had to be taken to the ER.  She is doing much better today, but obviously needed me to take her to the doctor today and give her extra hugs, kisses and love ☺

I did make it in this morning to give Amanda my full lesson plan for today so the kids didn’t miss a beat!  Thank you for understanding.

Have a great long weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy


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