Monday, December 26, 2011

Newsletter (Gg)

The letter Gg
This week, the letter Gg!
Word of the Week-­‐ go. Number of the week-­‐ 6

Theme: Corn

This week we made Indian corn out of construction paper -­‐ cutting ovals for our leaves and gluing little pieces of “corn” on to our ear of corn. This may look like a relatively easy project, but the reason I picked doing this was to help work on our fine motor skills. The pieces of “corn” were pretty tiny! Picking them up and gluing them one at a time on the ear was quite time consuming and really put our little fingers to work!


This week the number six (6)! We practiced correct formation of the number six this week. We used unifix cubes as manipulatives to show six objects. We played a hidden cube game with the unifix cubes -­‐ the kids knew I had six cubes stacked together. I took one off behind my back then showed them the stack again. Now how many are there? Five! If there are five cubes now, how many are behind my back? One! With this we were able to do some basic addition. The kids LOVE that they are stating to learn addition! If Ms. Kristy shows us 3 cubes we know she’s hiding 3, then we wrote on the white board 3+3=6. We talked about the plus and equals sign a lot this week! Plus means we are adding! We also used our plus and equals signs when we made the color green. Yellow + Blue= green!

We also did a Grab and count Math center. Grabbing a handful of small objects, counting, recording and then determining which grab was greater.


This week, the letter Gg. We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Gg. We discussed that the letter Gg is a "magic C" letter. Both the upper case and lower case start by making a C. Ask your child about the magic C and have them show you how easy it is to remember how to make a letter G once you start with the C! We also looked at all the other “Magic C” letters in our alphabet. Magic C letters: lowercase a, d, g, o, and q. The capital O, G, and Q.

Gg makes 2 sounds! The hard G (guh) and the soft G that sounds like a J in the word Giraffe. We listed as many words as we could that start with the letter Gg. Making two columns, one for the hard G and one for the soft G. We easily saw that there are many more hard G words than soft G words!

As a whole group, we used our clipboards to find and circle all of the letter Gg’s in several sentences I wrote.


In our journals we wrote the sentence: Do you want to go with me? We discussed what a question mark is and why we needed it in our sentence. We were asking a question! We used creative thinking to illustrate our sentence. Thinking, go where? Writing this sentence gave us practice writing and recognizing our 3 sight words we have learned so far. Do, Me, and Go.

Happy Birthday this week to our friend Brady!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy


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