Saturday, December 31, 2011

Newsletter (Kk)

Here are the highlights of this week.

Our Focus:
The letter Kk

Word of the week: be

Letter Kk

This week, the letter Kk!  We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Kk by gluing around the letter K and adding the cereal Kix to our K!

Using our fine motor skills we tore up Kleenex into really small pieces and glued the pieces around the letter K.  The kids discussed in circle time that they think the letter Kk is quite tricky to write!  The reasons: there are two slanted lines going in opposite directions and the lowercase k is so similar to the capital K…yet different!  Wow! It’s nice to know what the kids are really thinking; it certainly makes my job easier!  I was able to spend more time focusing on the letter formation and giving them some helpful pointers such as visualizing the letter Kk is kicking…straight line down, slant in, kick out.

Math Centers:

This week we reviewed the numbers 5 and 10.  Each day we practiced counting by 10’s.  My goal is to bump it up and start counting by 5’s in the New Year.  Snowman addition!  We added 3+2, wrote the number 5 as the answer and glued 5 buttons down our snowman’s belly!

We made a Rudolf craft this week by tracing our hands and cutting them out for his antlers.  We then numbered our antler fingers 1-10.

Our class sure does love ketchup!  We did a class graph on who likes ketchup and on what kinds of foods do you like ketchup on!  So many things from French Fries, eggs, and even Mac-n-cheese!


This week we read a lot of Holiday books!  Again, we reviewed and discussed fact from fiction. We read a Kwanzaa book, which we decided, had a lot of facts in it!   We also read a book about a polar bear going ice-skating, which was definitely fiction!

We played Letter BINGO this week a new “tricky” way.  Whenever I pulled a letter that we already learned, I only gave them the sound of that letter!

 Writing Center:

In our journals we wrote: I like to be at the ________.   As always, we had to sound our word(s) to finish our sentence.  I have seen a wonderful improvement since we started sounding out our words!  We then illustrated our sentence.

Pajama Day!  We discussed that it was really fun to wear our pajamas to school on Thursday BUT we weren’t wearing our PJ’s just for fun.  We were wearing them in celebration of helping other kids in need, whose families have trouble affording or can’t afford pajamas.  Since we recently learned the meaning of Thanksgiving and now Christmas, we felt pretty good about ourselves giving to other kiddos who needed our help!  Our school collected over 50 pajama sets! Thank you!!

The Holiday Spirit!  We spent a lot of extra time this week, and we will next week as well, doing holiday type crafts.  Right now the room is decorated with these holiday crafts but I assure you they will all come home this Thursday!  The kiddos really wanted to take them all home right away!  I love it that they are so proud of their work.  ☺

We have been spending a lot of our circle time singing and practicing for our big play coming up this Friday!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come meet with me on Friday!

Big Smiles,
Ms Kristy

Friday, December 30, 2011

Newsletter (Jj)

Our Focus:
The letter Jj and Rhyming

Word of the week: at

Number of the Week: 10

Letter Jj

This week, the letter Jj!    We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Jj by tracing the Jj with many colors making our rainbow Jj’s.  We also learned and practiced the sound of J, coming up with a long list of J words!

Math Centers:

This week in math we continued with addition using jellybeans as our manipulative!  We grabbed a few jellybeans and counted them.  Wrote the number, then grabbed another handful of jellybeans and counted them as well.  We placed our jellybeans on paper between the + sign and then added them all together to find the total.  The kids had a great time doing this!  I love to see them using other math skills while leaning another.  An example, they made patterns with their jellybeans they were adding!  Smart kiddos!

As a fun math activity we had a jumping contest!  We used cubes as our non-standard measuring tool.  Sydney had the longest jump at 75 cubes!

How many jellybeans are in the jar?  We made our prediction, wrote it down, then as a class counted all the jelly beans to see how close our estimation was.

We made a kid bar graph using our jackets this week!  We sorted and graphed by color, buttons, zippers and hoods!


 This week we discussed rhyming words.  Our word of the week was “at” so this fit in perfectly!  Do you know how many words your kiddos know now that they know the word at?  A lot!

Hello “at” word family!  At, sat, fat, cat, rat….

We then made our At Hat.  Filling in a missing letter to create at words.

We played lots of silly rhyming games this week.  The silly name song was a hit.  We all sang the silly name song and when I pointed to a kiddo I gave them a letter, they then had to rhyme their name using the sound of the letter I gave them!  Example- If I gave Ethan the letter G, he would say Ethan gethan. A great letter sound review as well!  It was a little tricky but the kids caught on fast and laughed at all the silly names! ☺

Jack and Jill went up the hill…   We read Jack and Jill and then made up our very own TK Jack and Jill story using our own rhymes!

Writing Center:

This is my jacket.  I wear it when________________.  The kids thought about when they wear a jacket.  Do they wear a jacket in the summer?  No!  They wear a jacket in the fall, winter, when it’s cold, and when it’s snowing!  They then illustrated their sentence.

In free Art we decorated a jacket!  I always tell the kids the only rule in free art is to use your imagination and be creative!  They sure were creative looking jackets ;)

At recess we counted how many jumping jacks we could do until we just got too tired!  We also counted how many times we could jump.  Was a nice way to get out that extra energy they have!

Next week, the letter Kk!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Big Smiles,
Ms Kristy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Newsletter (Ii)

The letter Ii
Theme: Thanksgiving
Words of the Week- it and I.  Number of the week- 9


Theme:  Thanksgiving
This week we read thanksgiving books, discussed the meaning of thanksgiving and talked about all the things we are thankful for.

We also talked about family traditions and what our family does on Thanksgiving.  Some of you travel, some stay home, some have family to your home, some eat turkey and some eat pork!

We drew a picture of what we thought our dinner plate would look like this year on Thanksgiving.  Making sure we added all the different types of foods our family eats!

This week the number 9!  We practiced writing our number nine a lot this week!  We wrote the number nine 9 times!  Once we had 5 number 9’s on our paper we used manipulatives to see how many more times we needed to write the number 9 till we have a total of nine 9’s!  Phew!  The kiddos are doing great with this basic math and truly enjoy the fact that they are really solving math problems!

The letter Ii.  The  letter Ii makes 2 sounds!  The short i sound as in insect and the long i sound as in Ice!

We did 2 different activities to go along with both sounds.  We made Ice cream cones by cutting out circles and triangles then gluing them together, and of course adding our “sprinkles!”  Then we made insect fingerprints with ink!  The kids had a lot of fun with this and were quite creative I must say!! ☺

I spy the letter of the week AND our words of the week!  We looked for letter Ii’s in newspaper print, highlighting each one we found and finished by counting and writing the total number found.  Since playing I spy and letter hunts have been so much fun and the kids really enjoy them, I decided to add a word hunt as well!  Using books from our library we had to spy our words of the week, it and I.

It makes me so proud of your kiddos when not only are they finding our words of the week but also raising their hands to tell me they found past words of the week!!  “Oh, look Ms. Kristy, I found the words do and go!”  Big Ms. Kristy smiles ☺


On Thanksgiving my family _____________.  We wrote about a tradition that our family does each year for thanksgiving and then illustrated our sentence.

We also made paper bag turkeys using the feathers to write what we are thankful for!

We had some yucky weather this week!  That didn’t stop us from having some great indoor recess fun!  Did your children tell you about our class roller coaster?  We used bendy straws and play-do to make an object.  Anything they wanted.  A building, an animal, a house...they made quite the impressive roller coaster!   This is a great rainy day activity that not only makes the children use their imaginations but really helps their fine motor skills as well!!

We sure did have quite the busy week of learning and fun!

Have a great weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Class Book

Laura Numeroff Study

Newsletter (Hh)

The letter Hh
Theme:  Author Study- Laura Numeroff
Word of the Week- He.
Number of the week- 7


This week the number seven (7)! We practiced correct formation of the number seven.   We talked about the numbers before and after 7, that adding 3 more to 7 equals 10!  We used ourselves as “human manipulatives” ☺ to show seven.  6 kids + 1 teacher = 7!   5 kids are lined up at the door; we need 1 more kid and 1 more adult to make 7!   5+2=7.    I decided to keep reviewing the formation of the number 6 this week.  The kiddos are still writing the six backwards often.  Practice, practice, practice make perfect!

To go along with our author study, we did chocolate chip cookie patterns.  (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) With these patterns the children had to make the correct number of chocolate chips per cookie as written.  They had cookies that were 7 chips, 7 chips, 6 chips, 7 chips, or an AAB pattern along with several other AB/ABC patterns.

A busy week for math!  We also learned about halves.  We cut shapes in half, and then glued them to a solid sheet of paper to show our halves we cut.  We also took a pencil and drew a line down the middle to show our shape in half, then only colored one half of our shape.

This week, the letter Hh.  Did you know that a dog on a hot summer day is always making the H sound?  Huh, huh, huh!  To remind us of what the letter H says, we pretended to be dogs on a hot day panting the H sound.  This was a silly way to always remember what the letter H says!!
We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Hh.   The capital H is pretty easy for us!  We made Hh scarecrows this week!  Decorating our Hat with the capital letter H, the scarecrow’s eyes with a capital letter H and the nose with a lowercase h!  These came out super cute and are hanging by our staircase if you’d like to come see them before they go home!
A huh huh HUG for you!  We painted our hands and cut them out.  Then using sentence strips we measured our arm span.  We decorated our “arms” and wrote “A hug from ___” (Me!) Me, one of our sight words we already know!!

Author Study- Laura Numeroff inspired class book.  Our third class book, to be coming home soon.  If You Give a Kid…
The children wrote and illustrated their own page in our book.  It’s super cute, can’t wait for you to see it!!!

***I have a separate sheet that was to come home with you today that explained our Author study.  You will be getting this on Monday.  Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly out of school today.   I was in the hospital with my daughter till the wee hours of the morning.  She started going into anaphylactic shock, needed her Epi-pen and had to be taken to the ER.  She is doing much better today, but obviously needed me to take her to the doctor today and give her extra hugs, kisses and love ☺

I did make it in this morning to give Amanda my full lesson plan for today so the kids didn’t miss a beat!  Thank you for understanding.

Have a great long weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy

Monday, December 26, 2011

Magic C

Newsletter (Gg)

The letter Gg
This week, the letter Gg!
Word of the Week-­‐ go. Number of the week-­‐ 6

Theme: Corn

This week we made Indian corn out of construction paper -­‐ cutting ovals for our leaves and gluing little pieces of “corn” on to our ear of corn. This may look like a relatively easy project, but the reason I picked doing this was to help work on our fine motor skills. The pieces of “corn” were pretty tiny! Picking them up and gluing them one at a time on the ear was quite time consuming and really put our little fingers to work!


This week the number six (6)! We practiced correct formation of the number six this week. We used unifix cubes as manipulatives to show six objects. We played a hidden cube game with the unifix cubes -­‐ the kids knew I had six cubes stacked together. I took one off behind my back then showed them the stack again. Now how many are there? Five! If there are five cubes now, how many are behind my back? One! With this we were able to do some basic addition. The kids LOVE that they are stating to learn addition! If Ms. Kristy shows us 3 cubes we know she’s hiding 3, then we wrote on the white board 3+3=6. We talked about the plus and equals sign a lot this week! Plus means we are adding! We also used our plus and equals signs when we made the color green. Yellow + Blue= green!

We also did a Grab and count Math center. Grabbing a handful of small objects, counting, recording and then determining which grab was greater.


This week, the letter Gg. We practiced the correct letter formation of the letter Gg. We discussed that the letter Gg is a "magic C" letter. Both the upper case and lower case start by making a C. Ask your child about the magic C and have them show you how easy it is to remember how to make a letter G once you start with the C! We also looked at all the other “Magic C” letters in our alphabet. Magic C letters: lowercase a, d, g, o, and q. The capital O, G, and Q.

Gg makes 2 sounds! The hard G (guh) and the soft G that sounds like a J in the word Giraffe. We listed as many words as we could that start with the letter Gg. Making two columns, one for the hard G and one for the soft G. We easily saw that there are many more hard G words than soft G words!

As a whole group, we used our clipboards to find and circle all of the letter Gg’s in several sentences I wrote.


In our journals we wrote the sentence: Do you want to go with me? We discussed what a question mark is and why we needed it in our sentence. We were asking a question! We used creative thinking to illustrate our sentence. Thinking, go where? Writing this sentence gave us practice writing and recognizing our 3 sight words we have learned so far. Do, Me, and Go.

Happy Birthday this week to our friend Brady!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Big Smiles,
Ms. Kristy