Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Dominic!

: - )

Let's make an Xx!

We can make the letter X with our pencils, writing 2 straight diagonal lines.....but how else can we make the letter Xx?  It was so beautiful this week so I took the kids outside for an extra lesson :)

We made Xx's with our bodies and nature!  So much fun!

Xx for X-ray

This week we learned about X-Rays!   The X-Ray was discovered in Germany, 1895. This discovery was actually an accident!  That is why it is called an "X" ray.  They physicist did not know what kind of ray caused the reaction!

X-rays can be used for many things. To see our bones, teeth and even to see diseases.

We learned that even Veterinarians use X-rays on our pets!  We looked at X-rays in class of a dog.  We were able to see the dog's legs, spine, and ribs.

Baseballs, Baseballs Passed Around....

Name the letter that you found!!

We kicked off baseball season by playing a fun game!  Baseball cut outs with all the letters of the alphabet were passed around.  When Ms.K stops singing our baseball chant, whoever was holding the bag has to open it up and pick a baseball.  Then, tell the class what letter they found, say what sound it makes, AND say a word that begins with that letter!  

They did great and of course wanted to keep playing! 

This was also a nice time for me to introduce my favorite team....the Boston Red SoX!

Xx Art fun!

This week, the letter Xx! Using paper scraps, we cut strips and made those strips into the letter Xx by gluing them on our paper.

Our number of the week, 6.  S I X

We had to create at least six Xx's on our paper.   Throughout the week we also worked on making groups of 6.  6 cubes, 6 dinosaurs, 6 books and even 6 kids! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vegetable Soup Sequencing.

Sequencing: Seed to Soup

After reading Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert, we cut out the steps of growing vegetables and making vegetable soup.  We glued them on our sentence strip in the correct sequence and practiced writing our letter Vv!

Vv fun!

Fun times making Vv's out of cubes and blocks!